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Assess your workforce
Identify the skills you already have plus the ones you are missing.


Create development programs
Upskill, reskill, and build employee engagement using this data.


Recognize and Reward
Allow your team to recognize their skill, proficiency, and competency.

Redefine skill requirements
Define the skills and competencies needed for your organization now and into the future.

Built from the ground up with our clients at the center

To attract top candidates, it is important to have a work environment that emphasizes digital skills and provides development opportunities. SkillsTX and SFIA can help you manage your workplace skills inventory.

Attract top-level talent with outstanding digital skills

Business Systems Manager

Ira Cohen

Using SFIA/SkillsTX, we have identified skills and levels of responsibility common to all of our Information Technology Department staff, and then the essential skills required for each individual job.


It takes 2 minutes to start saving you hours of frustration. 

Getting started with SkillsTX is easy!

What is a skills-based talent strategy, and why does your organization need one?

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Don’t get left behind, embrace the future of skills-based talent, and start building your strategy today. 

  • Recruit, retain, and develop talented individuals
  • Deliver service to agreed levels
  • Improve project success and support agile operation
  • Utilize technology to gain a competitive advantage
  • Prevent data loss and Cybersecurity incidents
  • Ensure compliance with legislation and quality standards

    If not, you could be left.   
    floundering in the wake of     
     digital transformation     

Does your organization have a skills-based talent strategy?

Using SkillsTX, the IT Succession Plan based on skills, is easily generated, providing a graphic view for each person that can best perform the role. And what is best, it is automatically kept up to date!

Vilma Castellanos

Quality and Practice Manager Information Technology Unit

Do you have the right skills to address your challenges?

The traditional way of organizing your workforce is over. Forward-thinking businesses recognize that people are much more than their current job roles, with many more available skills and competencies.

If these challenges resonate with you, it’s time to change how you think about your workforce.

Moving to a skill-based talent strategy unlocks your workforce's potential, maximizes productivity, and shows where your skill gaps are.

Engage with your employees to achieve common goals

Keeping your digital talent engaged creates a positive, passionate, and committed relationship between an employee and their organization, which creates a mutual desire to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

When you assign people to projects based on skill rather than job role, you make the most of their talent while fuelling their desire to work to their full potential. And, because you now understand where the digital skill gaps are, you can concentrate on upskilling your workforce to create ultra-talented, flexible individuals.

Develop your workforce into multi-talented, adaptable individuals

People leave their jobs feeling stifled, bored, and uninspired. If you provide opportunities to grow, you foster a culture of continuous learning. The reward is staff loyalty, a low turnover rate, and a satisfied, productive workforce.

Retain your digital talent and keep them motivated

skills recorded

jobs defined

skill gaps found

It’s not too late to change how you do things. The digital landscape is ever-changing, so get on board with those changes and start prioritizing skills over roles.
SkillsTX and SFIA can help unleash your workforce's full potential.

Start building your talent strategy today!

The benefits of a skills-based talent strategy

Some of our customers taking a 
skills-based approach

Plus many more, we look forward to assisting your company with their digital transformation journey and adding them to our ever-growing client list of skills-based businesses. 

During this program, you will:

    If not, you could be left.   
  floundering in the wake of  
     digital transformation